Friday, 4 May 2018


Last week a fellow CAMRA member spotted, from the upstairs of a bus, that there were two handpulls in the bar of the Guide Post , Springwell Village as the bus went past the pub. Now I have not been in that pub for over 30 years, principally because there was no decent beer on. As it is not too far away , I checked  it out yesterday.

Sure enough, Camerons Strongarm and Theakstons Black Bull. The latter had gone off so had a nice pint of the Strongarm and a bag of Nobbys Nuts from the a la carte menu.

I sat outside and contemplated a few things. My dad was born just round the back of the pub and lived with his 3 brothers. Those three were never out of Springwell Club but dad was teetotal. I really dont know where I got the habit from ! There was none of - "come on son, I'll take you for your first pint !"

Anyone, finishing my pint  and nuts I walked to the front of the pub to take a photo. Behind me was a row of old houses with back yards instead of gardens. A voice behind me said " you can take a picture of me if you want "

Turning round , there was this skinny guy in his early seventies standing there with a paint brush in his hand. I said that he was really lucky living so close to the pub ( it was about 20 paces)

" Not really son, I am teetotal !" Bloody hell, another one !

I  remarked that if I lived where he lived I would never be out of the place. He looked me up and down as if I was some incurable alcoholic and said, waving his paint brush at me like a portent of doom.

" The beer will get you in the end you know !"

I made my excuses and left.   

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