Tuesday, 19 June 2018


I friend of mine who i first met nearly 50 years ago died recently. He like telling funny stories, all of which were true. The thing is he kept repeating them every 2 or 3 years so this one I have heard several times. I wasnt actually at this games of pub dominoes but i fell that I was

In the early 70s' we used to drink in the Cross Keys on Washington Village Green. One Saturday afternoon four of my mates met up for a game of dominoes. The game was in full flow when one guy ( he's dead as well !) called Ronnie dropped a domino just as it was his turn. He checked the table then underneath but couldn't find it. They moved the table over, being careful not to spill any pints. Still no sign of it.  Each one of them checked where they were sitting even lifting cushions up on the bench seats. Nothing.

Someone suggested underneath the bench seat but , despite fumbling around in the dust and fluff, still no joy. Asking Molly the landlady for help she disappeared and eventually came back with a torch. 

By now the whole bar was watching these goings on as Ronnie knelt down, shone the torch and bingo, found the missing domino underneath the bench right next to the skirting board. Soon order was eventually restored, the table back in position and Ronnie poised with his now complete set of dominoes. Everyone sighed, had a drink and waited . He checked his hand and said :-


Well, the pub was in uproar !. True Story        

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  1. My dad in his later years used to tell the same stories many times over - but they were always worth rehearing :-)